News Miner - AI Trend Analyser

News Miner is a Web app to analyze and Visualize trends by crawling news articles from selected websites. From the collected data the AI model generates summary & Tags. By creating clusters of data the system creates visualization of the news trends and enable search and retrieval of articles.

SherDoc - Intelligent Document Finder

SherDoc is a web-based application to store and retrieve documents. For every document added to the database, the system generates a set of keywords and an abstractive summary. By conducting a semantic search over this Knowledge base, the user can find the most relevant document for their search query

Dexter Board

Dexter Board Mini

Dexter board is an educational trainer kit that makes learning electronics fun and easy. The board brings together all the necessary parts a beginner requires to change an idea to a successful prototype.

Dairy Management System (DMS)

Dairy management system (DMS) enables early detection of diseases, manage resources and improve productivity in dairy farms. Our main goal is to democratize technology to make it affordable and accessible to medium and small scale farmers.

Automated Root Trainer Cup Filling System

Root trainer cups are widely adopted in Rubber Industry for preparing rubber plantlets. The process of cup filling is difficult and often suffers from issues such as inconsistency, non-uniform pressure distribution, high cost of production etc. The designed system performs 8000 fillings in two shifts. The system is designed to have an intelligent and smooth operation with the aid of modern electronic systems.


Terebro-100 is a special purpose machine developed for precise drilling applications in the watch making industries. The system includes specially designed software, to program the machine to perform precise and complex drilling with high level of accuracy. The machine helps to avoid the need of highly skilled manpower for the complex and monotonous drilling process. The machine also increases the productivity and reduces the drill breakage.

Corner Rounding Machine

Corner rounding machine is a special purpose machine designed for the wood-working industry for finishing works in the modular furniture. The unit gives quality finished corners within three seconds. The machine is very rugged and easy to use; the sturdy design makes the machine reliable and maintenance free.

Real Time ATM surveillance

The solution enables real time surveillance of spaces like ATMs. The system processes the video feeds from the surveillance cams to come up with real time inferences such as theft attempts, weapon detection, malicious activities, asset movement etc. Resnova was placed as first place winners of national level SBI AI challenge hosted by State Bank of India.

Jetpack - Bluetooth Shield for Arduino

The JetPack is a Wireless programming and communication shield for Arduino board. Using Jetpack, Arduino can be effortlessly programmed over Bluetooth. It enables the users to receive sensor data from their projects wirelessly. It also has a motor driver for driving two DC motors or a stepper motor. The product was successfully launched through crowd funding on kickstarter.


Mobi is a GSM based controller for automation in agriculture sector. Mobi can be used to automate electrical systems for pumping, operating machineries etc. remotely using a mobile phone. The system can also be used to get reports on the activities performed in the form of SMS.

Parking Slot Sensor (Automated Parking System)

Automated parking system was developed to automate the parking process for vehicles in an organized manner, without the aid of human intervention. This IOT system detects the parking slot occupancy with high level of accuracy using its unique dual sensor confirmation system, the ultra low power design makes the system energy efficient and can be used continuously for up to two years. The project was developed for White Oval Technologies; Resnova Partners in the development of the hardware for the system.

QR Code Based Tagging System

The QR code based tagging system was developed for ensuring the quality of the planting material. Each tag has a unique identity which can be used for ensuring the authenticity of the planting material; it helps to avoid duplication by any third party. One main advantage is that the users themselves can check the authenticity of the planting material using any smartphone. The tagging system was successfully implemented at Rubber Board, CPCRI etc.

Production Monitoring System

Production monitoring system was developed to observe and assess the productivity of a plant with a bird’s eye view. The system acquires the data from the plant using wide varieties of sensors depending on the process. The monitoring system can be diversified to observe various activities and make the data available online or on a display as required by the user